Wednesday, March 13, 2013

client work - dining room

Lately I've been so busy with wedding planning, packing to move and lots of client work!  

We just put up this wallpaper up in one of my client's dining rooms and I just had to share it!
This is the first major installation in this house that we've done so far.  My client wanted to put wallpaper up on one wall in the "dining room" area ( i use quotes because the first floor is completely open-concept and the kitchen flows right to the dining room and then into the living room).  This was a great way to add a little bit of drama and interest into the dining room, without making too bold of a statement.  This wall also invites you into the home since it's the first one you see when you walk in. 

Here is what the wall look liked before.  The paint color is a pale grey. 

and the after!  

Wallpaper was wrapped down the hallway. 

We used this gorgeous wallpaper from Graham & Brown that has a subtle texture to it, which looks amazing in person. 

Both my client and I are so excited about how it turned out!  Next up for this project, custom drapes, shelving and bar + dining table styling. 

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