Friday, November 22, 2013

Client Work Updates - E-Design

I've been very busy with my client's lately!  I've been doing a lot of in-home consults, but I've been swamped with e-designs!  I always find that people love e-design around this time of year.  They like to spruce up their house before they host holiday parties and gatherings.
E-design is a great way to get the help of a decorator without such a high price tag.  It's also a great chance for me to work with clients all over!

Here are a few of the designs I've recently finished up!

In respect of my client, I keep all my sources private.  If you would like to know where something is from, just send me an e-mail!

Let's work together!
Want your own custom e-design board?  Need help adding the final touches on a room?  Does your room need a complete makeover?  Take a look at my services page and send me an e-mail to to get started! 
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