Monday, January 7, 2013

open shelving

While I'm not a kitchen designer, I do come across a few projects where I help design / decorate / style the kitchen.

I'm working with one of my clients on her living / dining room areas and we decided to spruce up her kitchen a little bit.  On her wish list?  An area of open shelving - ooh swoon!  When she mentioned open shelving it was like music to my ears!  I've always been a huge fan of open shelving, but I know how it's not always a practical design feature.  I think I would be able to pull it off, for at least some of my space - I'm very neat when it comes to my dishes / glasses, but we'll see if I ever put it in my own house!

Back to my client, we are just in the beginning phase, pulling inspiration, trying to come up with the perfect shelving.  Here is some of what I've pulled so far!


  1. oh wow, these are all so gorgeous! i'd be thrilled to have any one of these kitchens as mine is about 150 sq feet! haha

  2. Gorgeous round-up! I too love open shelving. Especially when they are filled with recycled glass like image 4.

  3. Oooo! Love this idea! That means I would have to keep the dishes extra organized!

  4. i love the "look" of open shelving but not sure if i could handle it. i get a little pat-rack-y sometimes haha.


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