Monday, September 24, 2012

house tour

Happy Monday!  I stumbled on this house tour on Apartment Therapy and couldn't wait to share it!  Sarah and Matt Alba's California home achieves that perfect, but not too perfect, styled feeling.  It's gorgeous, but still feels lived in - a perfect balance that is hard to come by!  You will notice a lot of storage throughout the house - Sarah's solution for clutter and all of her daughter's things!  

Neutral living room palette - with blue accents. I love that the pouf and the pillow color matches.  The mirrors on the wall are a great design element. 

The walk-around fireplace is a great feature. 

An easy dining space simple palette, simple table and chairs set. 

 Some of my favorite design elements - that lamp, barstools and the wood bar. 

Great color in the master bedroom.

 More color!  Two smaller tables always make a great "coffee table area".  Neat magazine storage underneath.  I love the great couch color!

More storage - clean and neat, but not boring. 

Coffee table styling. 

Bookcase + pretty baskets = always a favorite of mine.  I love that lamp, too. 

More storage in their daughter's room.  

Such a pretty outside! 


  1. i love apartment therapy too! and this house is so cute :) happy monday!

  2. What a beautiful apartment! I loved the bright yellow coffee tables the most, with the basket bookcases a close second :-) x

  3. what a pretty house! i love their dining table & chairs.

    Fancy {No}Pants


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