Friday, September 28, 2012

trend alert - lacquered kitchen cabinets

When it comes to kitchens, I'm seeing lacquered cabinets all over the place!  While I would normally consider myself more of a traditional girl when it comes to kitchens, especially with wood cabinets, this new trend has sparked my interest.  
I'm seeing a lot of what I would consider standard lacquered cabinets - what immediately comes to your mind - high-gloss, bright and primary colors, and super modern.  That style is definitely out there, but I'm also seeing the lacquer in not-so-bright colors - whites, blacks, greys, more saturated and even a matte finish.  That's what's caught my eye!

Pigmented lacquered cabinets by Viola Park give off a more matte-look. 

Love the color below, but I wish the backsplash was different. 

I love this one!  The backsplash makes this kitchen look super glam and the lacquered cabinets are perfect in this space - love the glossy white. 

The high-gloss works well combined with the wood, helps to break it up.

It's fun to see different colors being used, but not screaming bright, high-gloss!

They great cabinets provide a calming, more serene look.

Are you into the lacquered cabinets?  Do you have them in your home? 


  1. Lacquered cabinets are definitely going to be in my next home! I love the sleek modern look (and I'm sure they are easier to clean. I've been leaning towards a mid grey tone. We'll see.

  2. these are amazing! about to redo our kitchen and these are perfect inspiration

    xoxo navy & orange


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