Monday, October 1, 2012

bathroom re-design - step 1

A lot of clients and readers always ask me where to start when decorating or re-designing a room.  I always say to start with inspirations - general inspirations!  I tell everyone to just pull things on instinct, don't overanalyze and see if it would work in the room, or if it's your "style", just pull what speaks to you!

Recently, I met with a new client and I'm excited to start working on her bathroom re-design.  The layout and flow of the room work well, so we won't need to do a major overhaul, but we will be buying a new sink, painting, and  re-tiling the shower and floor.  For finishing touches, we will be buying all new accent pieces, a few baskets for storage and new towels to complete the look.  

As always, whenever I begin a new project, I usually start by pulling lots of different inspirational images.  I try not to focus on one style or type and keep my eyes open for unique ideas that I wouldn't have originally places in the room.  I do this same exercise when I first meet with my clients.  I have them pull their favorite images of rooms they like, things that inspire them, etc.  We can almost always find a reoccurring theme or element in the rooms that can help point us in the right direction. 

Here's what I've pulled so far - you will see they are all different styles of design in different colors and different finishes. 

Now I will analyze all of these a little further and pull different elects from the rooms and try to combine them into a beginning inspiration board!


  1. I love the feel of the first bathroom. I wish I had that much room too!

  2. That back lit mirror is awesome!!

  3. One common detail I love in these is the fact that the vanity is more like furniture- I like the counter and base not joining the side walls and simply float in the space. I look forward to seeing what you all choose.

    Julie at

  4. Such stunning bathrooms. The first and fourth are my favorites! We are buying a new house, and I want to change up some things in the kitchen, so I've been doing the same thing. Pulling inspiration pictures to see what direction I want to go without doing a complete overhaul. Best wishes on this bathroom. Can't wait to see what you end up with!!

  5. Wow! I love these bathrooms. They all look so beautiful. The marble in the shower in the first picture is gorgeous. I love the tile on the floor in the fourth picture. I pinned this. Thank you.


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