Saturday, October 20, 2012

living room e-design board

This e-design board was one of my favorite ones to work on!  Not only was my client wonderful to work with, that rug is one of my favorite pieces!  I love how it pops the rest of the room.  

My client just renovated part of her house and wanted to make her living room a little bit more formal, without being stuffy.  We mixed a lot of neutral tones and added in a few patterns and that gorgeous rug to keep the room interesting. 
The room has a fireplace with a thick block of wood as a mantel.  We are resting the mirror on the mantel.  

Now the room is ready for entertaining or just to enjoy with a good book. 

In respect of my client, I keep all my sources private.  If you would like to know where something is from, just send me an e-mail!

Need help adding the final touches on a room?  Does your room need a complete makeover?  Take a look at my services page and send me an e-mail to to get started! 

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