Friday, October 19, 2012

mad for plaid...decor

Ooooh plaid - I love a good plaid (and all it's variations - gingham, tartan, buffalo any check will do!).  After working for a fashion company that is well known for their plaid men's shirts and having a fiancé who would live in plaid shirts if he could, it's great to see it transition into home decor so nicely.

While it's also been around in home decor, I'm really on the bandwagon for it now!  The fall and holiday seasons are a great time to add in a few pieces and see how you like it!  You might already have a plaid comforter or throw, but why not try something a little more daring - an accent chair, a wall, or if you really love it - a tiled plaid backslash!  


  1. I rarely see this pattern in interiors anymore but love touches of it here and there. Really like the chairs in the first photo (and the entire interior look) and love your idea of a tiled plaid backslash!

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