Wednesday, December 5, 2012

holiday decor

I just finished up all of my decorating around my house yesterday and I am fully in holiday mode!  Decorating the tree is always my favorite, but I love adding little festive touches all around. 
I'm working on a few client's holiday decorating with them in-house and then I'm also getting ready to send out some e-decorating boards that are filled with detailed, customized ideas.  

Here are some of my favorite decorating inspirations that I've found around the web lately.  I've actually used all of these ideas around my house this year and have passed along my favorites!  The best part about all of these are that they are simple and won't break the bank!

faux fruit + glitter = gorgeons!

simple centerpiece - use your leftover ornaments then add some candles!

The floating candle is the perfect touch to this vase!

This one just might be my favorite!  Turn your wine glasses upside down, add ornaments to the bottom and a candle on top!

Change up your vase fillers with holiday items - again, use leftover items that you already have!


  1. Gorgeous holiday decor! I love the glitter pears! Thanks for sharing!
    House on the Way

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