Tuesday, August 14, 2012

dark + light

Dark floors and light walls are always a favorite of mine.  When I finally have the chance to build my dream house from the ground up, that's the scheme I'll be going for!  I love the contrast, I love how classic it is.  It's clean and chic.  Since the palette is so simple, you can really work with it in whatever way you want....An easy backdrop.

We've been away and all over the place the last week and the dark and light inspiration is helping me settle back in to life at home - get cozy and comfortable.


  1. Love the classy, traditional vibe of this look!


  2. I love all these very stylish looks especially the last photo - such a stunning contrast. I have nominated you for an award! It's well-deserved - I always enjoy your posts. You’ll find the details on my blog at the end of my Hong Kong Part 2 post.


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