Friday, August 31, 2012

e-decorating boards - end of summer sale!

It's no secret I love creating e-decorating boards, any kind of inspiration board really.  I have always been one to put boards together - as a child, through school, in my old job, I used to find any excuse to make one! 
Working on e-decorating boards with clients is always a fun and interesting experience for me - and a great option for people who want to re-decorate or need help with their space but aren't in the NY/NJ area or are just looking for a less expensive option! 
I've recently added wedding inspiration boards to my job!  I've had a few of you contact me to help you design your perfect wedding - which has been wonderful considering I've created about 20 for myself since getting engaged!  My wedding clients have asked me to do both a general inspiration to help them jumpstart the process or find their style or theme or I've worked on full-out wedding styling!  
With all of that said - I want to offer you an end of summer sale! 

A few samples of inspiration and e-decorating boards 

Wedding Inspiration 

Visit my Portfolio page for my samples! 

*Sale goes through September 15th.

E-mail me at to get started or with any questions! 

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  1. gah! I love you already!! organization & interior design, I'm off to get my afternoon cup of coffee so I can drool over your blog!

    newest follower from the friday blog link up!


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