Tuesday, August 28, 2012

mint.gold.white - wedding inspiration

Styling parties is a lot like styling homes.  While I mostly do interior decorating and styling, I do dabble in partying styling, which is always so much fun!  Recently, I had a client contact me to help her come up with a color palette and general theme for her upcoming Spring wedding.

As a fellow bride-to-be, I understand how challenging (not to mention overwhelming) narrowing down colors and/or a theme for a wedding can be.  There are so many magazines, blogs, websites, etc with amazing ideas, but sometimes it's hard to pinpoint what is right for you - that's where I come in! 

After going back and forth a few times about her likes and dislikes, we narrowed down a few different color options - the winner was MINT, GOLD, and WHITE!  Fresh and perfect for spring! 

The below is the final inspiration board!

Now that the board and colors have been approved by my client, we are ready to start putting everything together and planning the real elements of the wedding!  

Working on someone else's wedding has been so much fun, I'm looking forward to doing more!


  1. good thing I am not getting married anytime soon because I love every collection i see. This is beautiful!


  2. love love love!!!! this color combo is so pretty :)



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