Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bathroom Reno Inspiration

My parent's have recently decided to redo their master bathroom.  They have redone their entire house over the last few years and the last rooms on the list are the master bedroom and bathroom.
When they mentioned that they were going to do the renovation, I told them I wanted to put together some inspiration for them.  My mom is amazing at interior design, she really should have gone into it full-time, so she definitely doesn't need my help at all, but I thought it would be fun to show them what I envision for them. 
Lately I have been gravitating towards white, clean and crisp, but their master bath at their beach house is all white white a few pops and I thought they would prefer to have something different at home.
This picture caught my eye.  I love the color scheme.  It's very classy and elegant and keeps it traditional, which reflects my parents perfectly.  I absolutely love the espresso colored vanity and the wall color.  I think the white and glass accessories really keep it looking clean.  
Initial Inspiration

I searched for a few more accessories and ideas and settled on this as a final inspiration board.  It's very simple and I think it's perfect for what they are looking for.
Clockwise from top:

I can't wait to show them and see what they think (my mom loves that I'm a girl after her own heart!).  Stay tuned for before and after pics!

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