Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Decorating with Books

There's something I love about decorating with books. They add a unique touch to any space while still keeping their primary function in tact. You can put them in so many different places and stack them however you want, something that you could change daily of you wanted. You can organize by color or put of bunch of ones in different sizes together. Keeping books on display is also a great way to show your personality through your decor. The different kinds of books you collect say a lot about who you are and also make great conversational pieces.
All of the spaces below feature books in different ways when styled in a home.


Here are 3 great coffee table books that I just purchased to stack on a side table and then I will add a few candles on top to complete the look.

All books above can be purchased here

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  1. As soon as I saw the books I was hooked! These are better ideas than having an overflowing bookshelf with stacks of books on the floor around it. I love the idea of the stack of books with candles on top. Great post!


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