Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Fresh Coat

I've been wanting to paint the feature wall in my living room for a while now.  We loved the blue when we first picked it and I still do like it since it adds a great pop of color, but after we got our new rug and pillows, I think I was going in a different direction and need to have the wall match the rest of the decor.  The rest of the walls are your typical ivory wall color that you get when you rent an apartment.  I would love to paint all the walls, but since we aren't sure how long we will stay here, it makes more sense to only paint this feature wall for now.  So I've been thinking of a more neutral tone, somewhere in the beige, taupe family.  
These are my initial inspirations:
Description: dining rooms - dining room chairs parson's chandelier taupe walls  Parson's chairs  Taupe walls paint color, espresso dining table, crystal chandelier
I brought home these chips from the store and was mainly focusing on the 4th chip on each swatch.They are a little darker and and more saturated than what the picture looks like.  They aren't really the same as my inspiration, but I think a slightly more reddish-green tone would work better in our space.
Top-Benjamin Moore Timeless Neutral Collections
Bottom Row-Left to Right
Benjamin Moore 132,133,134,135,136
I narrowed it down to color cards 133,134, and 135.

My final two picks are 1047 Deer Path and 1040 Spice Gold. 

Now I'm going to go get samples of these two and see how the do on the wall. 
Stay tuned!

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