Monday, February 20, 2012

Best Spot in the House (for the week)!

    I wanted to create a post where I show my love for my favorite room (or area) in a house for that week. While I think I can find a reason to make any room, my favorite room, I'll feature one per week and with many different styles.  Don't be surprised when all sorts of areas show up, wine cellars, mud rooms, decks, yoga rooms, the possibilities are endless.
     I decide to start with entryways! It's the first place in a house you will see and while it may not be an official "room" it's the one place every guest will pass though.
Entryways can range from small and functional to elegant and grand, but they all serve a similar purpose, a place to greet your company, wipe your feet, and hold your keys.
     I think it's best to keep it simple. Too many things and the area can begin to feel cluttered. My ideal entryway would include a mirror, a plant or fresh flowers, and a table or console. If you like to throw your keys somewhere once you walk in the door, having a table with a drawer would be a great place to store a bowl that can serve as a catch-all.
While I don't have an a proper entryway in my apartment, besides a 3x3 corner that you walk into, I do love looking at how people style theirs. Here are some of my favorites that I've come across.

1 2 3 4

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