Saturday, February 18, 2012

DIY Valentine's Present

Coming up with presents for my boyfriend is always a tough task.  He's not very materialist (it would make it much easier on me if he was!) so I always try to think outside of the box.

He collects patches from every national park he's been to.  Currently they all just sit in a box and I thought putting them in shadow boxes would be a fun way to show them off and a great, personalized Valentine's Day gift!


Shadow Boxes
Stickers, Mat Paper, Glue
Maps (printed copies)

Cut up maps

Boards with maps and mat paper glued down

Stickers added for a little pop

Finished Product!

As you can see from the last picture, the patches weren't added yet (except for one I found lying around).  These pictures were taken before I gave the shadow boxes to him. 

This whole project only took an hour and barely cost much at all!  
I always think that a homemade present goes a long way (don't tell him that, I like my jewelry and shoes!), and these were a great way to show off his collection while still keeping it classy and work into our apartment decor. 

What fun homemade presents have you created??

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