Thursday, November 15, 2012

which office...

The age old debate....which office do you think you would be most productive in? 

Do you prefer a clean, crisp, no-frills space that's tranquil and non-distracting?

Or do you prefer bright colors and an eclectic mix of visual interest to spark your creativity? 

I like both, but under different circumstances, depending on what I'm working on!
I think I lead more towards the first one, keeping things neutral and then when I create inspiration boards for clients - that's where the color and interest comes in!  At least that is constantly changing!

What does your office (or dream office) look like?


  1. When I see the 2, I immediately am attracted to the second one. But I would probably just stare at my inspiration board and pretty surroundings rather than get any work done. :(

  2. I love both too!! Its hard to choose! I think I'd like a "louder" office if it was just for me. But then again I love quiet, neutral spaces too, so I could go both ways.

  3. I would have to say I love them both but need a mix of the two!

  4. Too hard to choose, I like them both!

  5. The first office is just beautiful! I love just clean white spaces so help let you think outside the box :)
    xo TJ

  6. I actually prefer something a bit in between. Clean, crisp white helps me focus, but I love a pop of color and some depth with artwork to inspire creativity!


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