Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kitchen Delights

I'm starting to think about what's on my Spring Cleaning To-Do list which is something that absolutely excites me!  I haven't started to touch on the organizing topic on my blog yet because I've been afraid that once I do, I won't stop.  However, since it is time for some good spring cleaning, I think this is the best time to start.  
Just a little background information...I love organizing.  I am a sucker for any organizing product and project.  I secretly enjoy moving just so I can re-organize my closets.  I find the whole thing very rewarding.  Throw in color coordinating and wow, I'm insanely happy!  I pride myself on organizing, it's almost my favorite thing about myself.  When I found out people actually are personal organizers, closest organizers, etc, I was over the moon!  They even have classes for it!  Once I actually start my business it will definitely be one of my services I provide.  Are any of you personal organizers?  Please please please tell me about it!  I'm dying to learn more. 
Anyway, back to what this post was originally about (see I told you I can't stop talking about it - it's ridiculous!)  First on my spring cleaning list would definitely be to re-organize most of our kitchen cabinets - my baking products and our spices and such have gotten very messy!  Since we rent our apartment, there's little I can do to change the set-up of the kitchen, so I just have to work with what I have.  The cabinets we have are very deep, which is hard because you can't fill them up because you will never be able to get all the way to the back!  
I took this picture in the middle of taking everything out to re-organize it.  It's normally packed.  You can see how deep it is, but the shelves are short.  I'm working on a plan to move them around and I'm looking into organizing accessories that will make these more functional and keep them neat!  (How embarrassing do these cabinets look? I promise they are normally much better looking!!)
We also have a few cabinets that have clear doors on them so we have to make sure they are very neat inside (one place that won't need to be cleaned!).  Here is a peek inside...
When I was buying our plates, bowls, mugs, etc., I made sure to get things that were simple and went together.  I love when I open my cabinets everything matches and has a place.  Clean, simple, clutter-free. 
I had to show a close-up of my favorite - and first purchase for this apartment!  I kept our main bowls and plates white and simple, but I bought a few plates and bowls as great accents and to add some color.  Both the bowls and plates are from West Elm, I don't think they have them any more, but they are my favorite - the bowls are a perfect size for ice cream. 

Have you guys started your spring cleaning yet?  What are you tackling? 


  1. Those plaid mugs are super cute! I'm working on my closet this spring. I can't decide if it makes more sense to fold my pants, or hang them.

    Great blog!

  2. Hi Kelly! Thanks for your comment! I love the mugs and loved that I can mix the colors but keep the same pattern. For the closet, I normally fold my jeans and hang any other pants. I find that works the best for me, since I don't have enough space to hang them all! Let me know what you end up doing!
    You also have a great blog, by the way!


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