Thursday, July 5, 2012


I had the best intentions to wake up early and write a great home decor post today but then I actually rolled out of bed.  I hurried to throw coffee ice cubes in my already chilled coffee, plopped down next to the computer, turned on Live with Kelly, put Cocoa on my lap, and.....spent an hour googling vacations.  Eric and I have always had a serious case of the travel bug.  We both love to go to new places and try to get away at least a few times a year.  Back in January we went to Puerto Rico and now I'm itching to go somewhere again soon.  We are planning a longer, more exciting trip sometime in the fall/winter, but for now, I'm just daydreaming of somewhere relaxing.

A peek into what I was staring at this morning.

Now I'm off to keep looking and daydreaming!

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  1. I would give my right arm to be sitting in any one of these places right now. I mean, not literally I guess, but I would LOVE to be on vacay!

  2. Ohhh all of those places look like a dream! I've been on a kick for my husband and I to book something soon too. I think we are looking at Costa Rica, but really any of the places you posted will do! hah A sunny beach with a cold drink is all I need. Have fun with your vacation browsing!

  3. I would love to daydream about that too!! lets go together, ill have one side of the island you can have the other!!



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