Tuesday, April 3, 2012

e-decorating boards - now available!

I’m excited to begin offering e-decorating boards to the public!

Lindsey Anne Interior Styling is now offering the following services:

1.       Inspiration Board – I will help you jump start your decorating process!  We will have an initial consultation where I will ask for pictures, any ideas, inspirations, or thoughts you might have, and discuss an overall concept.  From here, I will create and inspirational mood board for you and offer some suggestions on furniture, accents, fabrics, paint, etc.  I will then send this over to you and we can discuss any questions or comments you might have!
2.       Full-Service E-Decorating Package – this includes everything you would receive in the Inspiration Board, but we will continue on and get down to more details.  Once I send over the initial Inspiration Board, we will discuss and make any changes necessary.  We will then discuss a budget and decide on what items you will be using from your existing room and what items we need to shop for.  I will then create a layout and give you a shopping list for all products we have decided on.  After this, I will be available to you for any additional help you may need in putting your room together.
A La Carte –
Organized Inspiration – Need help getting your things in order?  Let’s discuss what it is you need to organize and then I will create a board with products and creative solutions. 
Re-Design on a Budget – Bored with your current space, but can’t afford to buy all new things?  Let me help you take what you already have and make it work better for you!  Maybe the perfect piece is in another room!  We can also look for great budget-friendly pieces – I always love a great deal!

Have any decorating or organizing related questions that might not fit into the above?  Send me an e-mail!  I will love to work with you on any related projects!

All of the above options are designed so I can work with you – wherever you are!  All services will be provided over e-mail, phone calls, and/or snail mail. 

If you are interested in any of these services or have any questions, please e-mail me at LindseyAnneInteriors@gmail.com.

Some of my previous inspiration boards:


You can see find my services on the Service tab in my header. 


  1. thanks for joining our instagram blog hop! im your newest follower! love your boards :) interior design is one of my favorites.

    xo, emily


    1. Hi Emily! Thanks for stopping by! Love the instagram blog hop. So fun!

  2. glad to have you on the instagram blog hop -- adorable blog!! new follower!

    xx, ashlyn

    1. Hi Ashlyn! Thanks for following. Totally consumed by the instagram blog hop!


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