Monday, April 16, 2012

the striped wall

Stripes have always been my favorite pattern.  Newest obsession?  Wide bar stripes covering the walls.  I can't get enough of it lately!  Every time I see it in a room my eye goes directly to it and I can barely focus on the rest!  Whether using bold or subtle colors - it's a great way to make a statement.  I'm already envisioning painting over my current accent wall and doing a light grey and white striped wall.
I love how the color from the back room is used in the stripes.  Great way to transition!  

Would love this in a home office! 

These stripes add simple interest to a bathroom.

The black and white just might, unexpectedly, be my favorite!  So dramatic! 

I love this look - perfect as an accent in an entryway. 

The wide bar stripes create a great focal point without having 
to add anything else!  Love the sheen in one of the stripes. 

Soothing colors for a bedroom. 

This is quite a statement! 
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Have any of you used stripes on your wall?


  1. I LOVE stripes! and I especially love that first picture- so inspirational for interior decor! Awesome post gal!

  2. I love the bold stripes, but even the subtle ones rock my world and would probably be easier for some one on the fence to accept. Maybe I'll have to see if my mom is willing to give them a try in her master this summer!

  3. Great images .... might have to try in my daughters room! Have a great day.


  4. Such a fun roundup- gorgeous images!


  5. I absolutely love this! one of my friends in college had really pink & white striped walls but i LOVED it! i'm trying to figure out a way to get the look in my apt. since I can't paint (boo!)

    1. I have seen self adhesive wallpaper. Maybe you can try something like that?

  6. LOVE these rooms! & totally going to incorporate these into your biz cards :) hehe

  7. Such a lovely + bold look! Fabulous examples! I am craving a chocolate and ivory stripe in my master bath!

  8. If anyone tries this look, please let me know! I would love to see!

  9. Gorgeous - my favorite is stripes too! The black and white mantel is probably my fav aswell!

  10. Love the look of stripes! I'm actually planning on doing blue and bone white stripes in my room at my parents new house! I'll definitely be posting pics when its all said and done :)


  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stripes! I'm your newest follower, and so glad to be :) I have always loved stripes, and these wide horizontal stripes totally catch my eye every time!! I did some bold ones in one of our bathrooms = LOVE, and some more subtle ones on an accent wall in our dining room! Love them both! SO glad I took the plundge in my own home :) ~Bre


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