Wednesday, April 11, 2012

master bedroom progress

 In our tiny apartment, we have pocket doors that separate the bedroom and the rest of the apartment.  I like to keep them open most of the time since it really opens up the space.  Because of this, I always make sure our bedroom looks clean and neat, and flows with the rest of the apartment.
 We have exposed brick in the bedroom, which I love, on either side of a wall that was already painted when we moved in.  We rent from a couple that own the apartment, but are overseas for a few years, so making too many changes is not very possible.  We already painted in the living room, so I thought we would keep this color.  It definitely works with the brick.

When buying bedding, I immediately fell in love with West Elm's Pintuck Duvet Cover in Sea Spray.  I didn't want anything beige or a typical neutral, because I wanted it to stand out a bit.  This color worked perfectly in lightening up the room and balancing out the brick and olive tones on the wall. 

The curtains were another thing that was left by the owners.  I didn't love them at first, but I left them up until I could figure something else out.  They eventually grew on me and they are quite thick, which we need being so close to the street, and the color worked with the rest of the apartment and went perfectly with the duvet cover!

Here you can see the bedroom from the other side of the apartment.  The curtains tie in the blues and the bedding looks perfect.  If you notice, the blue and white pillows on my bed in the first two pictures are on the couch in the one below (this is an old picture, I've since got a new coffee table and rearranged a lot - it's a disease!).  These are also from West Elm (no longer available).  I try to buy things that will work in different parts of the apartment, both to save money and also to help keep the tiny apartment cohesive! 

This room is still a work in progress, but I'm happy with where we are right now.  What do you think?

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  1. I really love the exposed brick! That's my favorite part of the room!

    1. Me too! Definitely the best par of my whole apartment!

  2. love that brick & the colors of the room!

    xx, ashlyn

  3. Love it! It's so warm and inviting.

  4. Looks so cozy! We have the same bedspread -- love it!


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