Tuesday, May 29, 2012

sponsor love - Mycraftwork

Happy Tuesday!  I thought we would start of the week with my newest sponsor - Mycraftwork, a store dedicated to high quality imported handmade goods from rugs and handthrown pottery to paintings. 

Started in 2007, Mycraftwork LLC is run by two brothers born and raised in Morocco.  The concept behind the company is simple; they strive to promote Moroccan Interior Design and to share the beauty of Moroccan handmade crafts through their custom-designed cooperative creations.
Here's a little bit of their story. 

The younger brother, Tao, settled in the US, working as an Engineer for a multinational corporation while Houssine decided to stay in Marrakesh to pursue a career as the CFO of a large resort hotel group.
In 2007, Tao was in Morocco visiting with friends and family, and older brother Houssine decided to give him a tour of a newly finished 5 star resort that he was in charge of. Every room Tao visited in that resort - from single rooms to suites - were all furnished with 100% Unique Moroccan Handmade crafts.
Amazed by the quality of the finished crafts, the brothers realized that by empowering the cooperative artisans, they could become pioneers in the field of custom-designed handmade Moroccan crafts.
Five years later, they have over 16 large account clients and growing - mostly interior design firms and Bed & Breakfast inns. They also just signed a contract with Kenzi Hotels Resort from Morocco to provide their large account clients with special discounted vacation packages and are currently working on the possibility of including guided cooperative tours in these packages.
To add a piece of Morocco to your space, take a look at some of my favorite pieces Mycraftwork has to offer:



Make sure to head over to their site, Mycraftwork and take a look at all of their products for yourself!  You will not be disappointed - I can't wait to pick something out myself! 

You can find their link on my sidebar all month!

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