Sunday, June 24, 2012


I came across this on good old Pinterest yesterday and it could not be more fitting for how I feel right now!  Venturing into the world of owning my own business is both exciting and scary.  Reminders like this help when the scary starts to overtake the exciting!  

A little link love - 
The Glitter Guide - ideas for your home office - my home office is still a work in progress so I'll take all the inspiration I can find! The Glitter Guide always nails it!
Shorely Chic - flamingo friday - I am kind of loving flamingos right now - I'm starting to see them appear everywhere!  I'm totally obsessed with Liz's flamingo iPhone covers.  
Fairytales are True - I just stumbled across Sarah's blog and I'm quite addicted now.  Her posts are fun and witty and I found myself spending a good half hour on there the other day when I should have been working!  Then I got sucked into Sarah Tucker Events, her wedding planning website.  Oh sheesh, that was another half hour.  But, it could not have been more well-spent! 


  1. This is so good, and so fitting!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love when people share other links! I'll definitely check these out!

    1. it's important to share the love! glad you will be checking them out!


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