Friday, June 15, 2012

styling my photo goodies

A few weeks ago I received some goodies from my lovely sponsor Emily of Anna Delores Photography

When I received them I was thrilled and immediately went to work finding the perfect spot for each one in my apartment.  One of the best things about Emily's prints are that they are perfect for decorating!  They can be used in so many different places add will add a unique, vintage-inspired touch!  

Here's where some of mine have ended up so far. 

These went off to my bff for her birthday present! 

I loved using this one on my bookshelf - I needed something to balance it out and this was the perfect print!

Loved this fun one of the Eiffel Tower and I love how it looks against the brick! 

Up close so you can see the detail! 

Quite possibly my favorite - my newest addition to my desk that is a total work-in-progress!  The colors were exactly what I wanted and every time I look at it, it makes me happy! 

The full shot.  
Sorry about the terrible picture, the lighting and reflection were not working with me!

I am so happy with all these prints and the life they have added to my apartment.  They feel like perfect personal touches!

If you want to pick up a few of your own, stop by the Anna Delores Photography Etsy shop and grab your favorites!  Don't forget if to use coupon code PINKLET for 20% off all prints! 


  1. Love this, thanks L! It's always so fun to see my stuff in someone's home. Thank you!

  2. Ooh, I am loving these photos and also the vignettes you've created with them. Gorgeous!

  3. I love the Santa Monica pier! Looks like you got some fun goodies.


  4. I love how you used these to decorate. I always tend to put pictures in a black frame... I think I need to pick up a few white frames now. xo


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