Tuesday, June 5, 2012

party styling - girlie wine + dine soiree

When a client asked me to help style a get together she was throwing for her friends, I was ecstatic! I normally style interiors, but I have also done a few parties and created many inspiration/mood boards to help people come up with a vision for their event.
One of my favorite parts about party styling is that clients are usually much more willing to step outside of the box and take risks - both with color and theme than in their home.  The options are limitless - let the fun begin!
After going through a few different ideas, we narrowed the theme down to Girlie Wine + Dine Soiree.

Girlie Wine + Dine Soiree - the details
Who - fun, sometimes glamorous, group of girlfriends
What - wine + dinner party to catch up, have fun and enjoy the night
Where - client's house
Why - does there need to be a reason to throw a party with your friends
When - soon!
Colors - gold + polka dots

Here's a peek at the initial ideas.

What do you think? 
Do you like styling parties?  I would love to hear/see some ideas! 


  1. I love your choices, great idea

  2. Love the gold and dots theme...especially love the dinner plates! How fun!


  3. I ADORE the Kate Spade china. I mean you cannot go wrong!

  4. Styling tables and parties is one of my favourite things to do! Like you say, you can be just that little bit more adventurous than with interiors :) I love that mix of pink, white and gold :)

    Abbey x


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