Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer sweets + treats

It is HOT!  At least in NY!
A little self-employment perk - I didn't have any meetings yesterday so Eric and I headed down the shore to soak up the sun.  I can never complain about sitting on the beach, but it was almost unbearable!  We had to spend most of the time in the water!  
Now it's equally hot today and I'm staying inside (self-employment negative - they are re-doing the front of my building and they have been jackhammering away for the last 2 hours non-stop - right outside the windows where my desk is.  Not helping my productivity! Although, now that I think about it, they must be really hot out there - poor guys!).  
All I can think of today are ways to stay cool and sane in this weather.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for you to try!

Iced Coffee 

Frozen Fruit Pops with Prosecco

Mint Lemonade

Cookie Dough Ice Pops

Is it hot where you are?  What are you doing to stay cool?  If it's cold where you are, I hope I didn't just make you colder!!  Enjoy your day!!


  1. I will take one of each, please! cookie dough ice pops? I would totally devour that.

  2. Oh my goodness, I want everysingleone of these! I'm lovin the cookie dough ice pops the best - mmmm! What nice ways to beat the heat : ) Thanks for sharing! Loving your design too, by the way : )

  3. i want to try them all! they all sound so perfect for a hot summer day, esp as hot as it has been already! glad you got to get in a little beach action!


  4. it's been unbearably hot here too, im just thanking my lucky stars im not still living in FL! the summers there are miserable :/ i've been eating lots of popsicles!

  5. Can I just say the Popsicles is seriously genius! Cannot wait to try that!
    & it's been ridiculously hot here too, beyond miserable! Glad you're enjoying self employment :)


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